Yaletown Vancouver

West Oak is one of the historic Yaletown Restaurants Vancouver has downtown. It's high end atmosphere allows it to fit in with the other establishments in Yaletown. They have a strong online precense on Instagram and have contributed to their community resulting in a strong online presence.

West Oak Vancouver

Yaletown Restaurants Vancouver

West Oak Restaurant opened in 2013 and has made itself a name in Yaletown, Vancouver's historic downtown district. It serves a great mix of traditional food as well as some interesting fusion dishes. Everything is sourced from local Vancouver suppliers for guaranteed fresh products that are grown, raised, or caught in an environmentally friendly manner.
While traditional advertising and marketing is still useful, West Oak Restaurant has really taken the initiative on creating a online/digital marketing strategy. Their Instagram has new posts almost every day and their many contributions to their community has gotten their website linked all over the place around Vancouver. When you contribute to an event in this digital age, your brand is not only displayed in person at the event but also is put online such as a web page built for that specific event. This has alllowed West Oak Restaurant to really diversify their market and reach new people that may have never discovered them otherwise.


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